Ernst-Georg Holzinger
Managing Director
Michael Diehl
Managing Director
Norbert Lausenmeyer   Prokurist
Sales Manager National and International - Respiratory Protection Facilities / Workshops / CPS Cleaning-Systems
The team consists of 30 employees
1 Metal Builders / EU - Welding Specialist
1 Metal Builders
1 IT Systems Integration Specialists
1 Electrical Engineer - Data Technology
1 Forman Electrical Engineering / Technical business economist
1 Industrial foreman / specializing in metal
2 Employees Electrical / Electronics, Control Cabinet
Secretaries / Clerks
Customer Service Technician
3 Employees Mounting
5 Employees Metal and Welding (2 with MAG -welder tests)
6 Employed powder coating
Karl Haller
Administrator IT-Section, Hard- and Software for Respiratory Protection Facilities, Technical Document Management, QMS Specialist
Monika Ludwig, Simone Diebold, Michaela Weber, Volker Köhnlechner, Dagmar Junker
Purchasing, Order Processing, Accounts
Klaus Poschner
Design, Development, Order Processing
Christian Ebert
Design, Development, Order Processing

Uwe Zimmermann
Electrical, Respiratory Protection Facilities, Cabinets, Video Surveillance, Trainer for Mechatronics, Service for ASÜ and CSA
Andreas Bachmaier
Planning, Design, ASW, ASÜ, BSP, Special Solutions, IT Systems Integration Specialists, EDV Hard- and Software
Marcus Wallisch
Work preparation / calculation