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Respiratory Protection Workshop Container


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Refuge Area Container Systems


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Protection or Rescue Container

Protection Container – Minimum Requirements: 

  • Dimensioning = manning + visitors x square meters = size / number of containers
  • Dynamic dimensioning: dependent on load
  • Pressure load = 100 pascal or 0.001 bar
  • Self-sustaining breathing air supply = minimum 4 hours at 40 litres per person and minute
  • Self-sustaining power supply = minimum 4 hours, auxiliary hand lamps and telephone supply
  • Additional SSR = dependent on number of persons, rating of 40 meters per minute
  • Stretcher, first aid kit, necessaries container

Refuge Area Container – MAW System

  • Variable container size according to individual need depending upon customer requirement and circumstance
  • Access via airtight door, including possible viewing window at the front or side
  • Blast reinforcement, material strength according to distance from working face
  • Steel runners with towing rings and lifting brackets in the roof area
  • Exterior paneling of container galvanized, painting RAL according to customer wish
  • Interior paneling, PVC floor, seating group for maximum number of persons
  • In everyday operation usable as common room, ventilation with ventilator in pressure load area. 


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  • Distribution and technical supply as well as chemo – bathroom offset from common room (privacy screen, acceptance, visitors)
  • Store rooms for various equipment (SSR, drinking water, stretchers, etc.)
  • In case of an alarm, ventilation mode is closed and switched to compressed air mode from the tunnel network. A constant pressure load of 100 pascal avoids the entrance of pollutants.
    Special doors with adjustable magnets enable regulation.
  • In case of a failure of the inherent tunnel systems (pressurised air and electric supply), private provision comes into force via breathing air cell and battery. 


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  • System failures of the tunnel supply are recognised optically and acoustically. The switching to private provision is shown in a user-friendly and self-explanatory way on pictograms.
  • Depending on the container size (1m² = 1 person) 40 liters of breathing air per person are inserted via silenced inlet valves. The minimum supply of 4 hours (protection room specification) is made available via cylinder batteries.


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  • Cylinder battery with 8 x 50 liters pressure cylinder with 300 bar supply 12 persons with breathing air for 4 hours, additional reserves! (120,000 liters) (10 cylinders = 15 persons, 150,000 liters)
  • The cylinder batteries are firmly cased and have a robust enclosure and equipped for safe transport with forklift pockets and lifting brackets.
  • The refilling of the cylinder batteries is done by a central filling connection.
  • Several cylinder batteries can be connected in series, the connections work via protected reinforced hoses.
  • The independent breathing air supply can thus be extended to 8 or 12 hours, even longer if required.
  • The independent electronic supply for lightening and signaling devices can be adjusted to the breathing air supply time.
  • The MAW refuge room container will therefore be adjusted according to the rescue concept and task.
  • The equipment with outdoor flashing lights and / or signaling lights during the operation, or during the “hot phase” is also adjusted according to the rescue concept.
  • The realization for cables and connections on the building side as well as the mounting plate for the tunnel phone will be integrated according to customer wish. 


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